Milling Mesh Products

_MG_7401_BA_webWe supply Nylon Mesh. Polymon Mesh and  Magnetic Stainless Steel Mesh all cut to size at no extra cost to suit Buhler, Robinson, Simon, Ocrim & Golfetto sifters.

Frame fast adhesive and activator for fixing meshes to various types of frames.
Self adhesive tape, plain tape, staples & felt strips of all sizes.
Inlet & Outlet sleeves, manufactured to your specifications with support rings and sizes to suit.

Cotton sifter pads

We can supply many types of brush sifter pads and tray cleaners including Filip triangular brush sifters, Filip MK & PK pads and 4” & 6” triangular tray cleaners.

Backing wire for plansifters

Nylon and wire mesh purifiers made up complete for – Simon, Robinson, Buhler etc

sefar-logoAir filter sleeves for:

Wire cages for above systems.
Wire mesh panels for D.C.E. units.

Madeup covers for:
KEK Machines in nylon, Powtek machines in nylon, Buhler vibro redresser in ASTM nylon, Buhler turbostar in XXX nylon & ASTM, Quantock covers, Roncaglia covers, Robinson USM, Simon quiver covers, Golfetto vibro covers & Centrifugal covers of all types.

Grinder Section
Grinder screens and grinder hammers for: LB7/2, B7/2, B11/2, B14/2, X15, X26, X600, Tietjen, Buhler & Barron grinder etc.

Perforated screens, rotor lipse covers, bran sifters, separators, triangular hole screens for Buhler & Robinson wheat separators.
Wire mesh screens for: Gravity separators and we also offer a recovering service for Le Coq screens.
Conidur scourer covers for Golfetto.

Connecting sleeves:
All applications in milling are catered for i.e. Mini sifters, Roto sifters, Purifiers, Plansifters etc.


Mesh counting glasses, felt sheeting, leather strip brushes for centrifugal, Calico, spatulas, rubber balls for plansifters, weldmesh, flyscreen, Union fibre roll brushes, brushes refilled or new for Buhler turbostar sifter MKZA 30/70.