We are specialists in taking care of your Flour Milling and Animal Feed Milling consumables, with over 200 years of experience in supplying a variety of services within the general engineering and perforated steel sheet industry. We are a family owned business, proud of our heritage and reputation. We are suppliers of perforated metal sheets to over 60 animal feed mills in the UK and Ireland, as well as suppliers of various products to more than 30 countries worldwide. We supply to Flour Milling companies in many countries and have a worldwide reputation for quality.

We are suppliers to over 60 animal feed mills in the UK and Ireland and suppliers of various products to chemical, engineering, construction, pharmaceutical and perforated sheet metal industries in more than 30 countries worldwide. Based in Manchester our products include perforated metal sheets, stainless steel mesh, Nytal nylon, frame fast adhesive and various other milling products.

We are the sole distributor of Nytal nylon in the UK and Ireland and we offer ex-stock delivery on nylon and magnetic stainless steel mesh for plan-sifters, alongside many other ex-stock delivery consumables.

We also stock Frame Fast Adhesive products; the Frame Fast Adhesive System has been the standard for screen printers and milling professionals throughout the world. These products are designed to bond various types of mesh to wood, metal, and plastic.

Our General Engineering and Perforated Sheet Metal Industry

We offer from stock a range of perforated metal sheets from 0.50mm dia through to 40mm dia, woven wire mesh and welded mesh in stainless steel. We also offer bespoke metal sheets for industries including, chemical, recycling, building and car manufacturing. If you have any enquiries or special requirements, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team, who we guarantee will have the knowledge necessary on all perforated steel sheet, Nytal nylon, stainless steel mesh and frame fast adhesive enquiries.